Monday, March 23, 2009

Like No Other Lover

Title: Like No Other Lover
Author: Julie Anne Long
Series: None
Genre: Romance

I love new books. The crispy pages, the unbroken spine (well, mine stay that way) and the new book smell. I often peruse the NEW book section of the library and that is where I picked up Julie Anne Long's Like No Other Lover.

We meet Cynthia, she has a past that is that of someone who is not well off. She does however, get a chance to have a season and snags herself a rich fiance. Then something happens (a duel we find out) that causes him to break it off with her. She is basically penniless and now has no one to marry.

Miles is of a well known family. The second son, who happens to be the heir because the first son went missing. He has a woman picked out unofficially by his father that he is expected to propose to.

This is when we meet the two of them. Cynthia is friends with Miles younger sister Violet and has been invited to their country estate for a dinner party (a week long affair). Miles and Cynthia have an understanding that Miles will help Cynthia snag herself another of the men at the party to be her new husband, but of course sparks fly between the two of them.

An acceptable book, it wasn't wonderful but wasn't really all that bad. I felt like the plot was merely a flat line, nothing overly exciting ever happening. It was a story without, in my opinion, a conflict, or much of action.

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