Sunday, August 9, 2009


Title: Broken
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Women of the Otherworld (Book 6)
Genre: Paranormal

I had a hell of a time finding this book. My library said they use to have it, but someone lost it so they no longer had it. I thought about just skipping this one and going on to the next, but I really love the story of Clay and Elena. So I found it at another library after borrowing a friends library card.

After not following Clay and Elena's story for the past 3 books I was excited to get back to them and see how things were going. Elena was pregnant! Now of course because she's a werewolf (wolf's gestational period is 9 weeks) she was always a little ahead of schedule. Jeremy, Clay and the rest of the Pack don't want outsiders to know that Elena's pregnant. Much like she gets a lot of attention for being the only werewolf, they are worried about problems surrounding the only "full-blood" werewolf baby.

Elena gets a call from a friend who wants to exchange favors. He'll tell them where a mutt they've been hunting is and they steal an artifact for him. Seems easy enough and they agree. Stealing the paper goes well, until they decide to look at it and accidentally open a portal to the time of Jack the Ripper and unleash a killer, plague and zombies onto Toronto. From there they must clean up the mess.

The book ends (of course) with Elena giving birth. Fantastic - I can't wait to hear about the family in the next book about them, although that looks like it's not happening until October. I have 3 more to read before then.

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