Saturday, November 15, 2008

Darkness Chosen

So a while back I read two books in the Darkness Chosen series by Christina Dodd. I liked them and then forgot about the series until one day I looked and learned not only had one new book came out - but two! Hurray!

The basic idea behind the series is a family called the Varinskis. The head of the family (father) made a pact with the devil. Now the Varinskis only have sons, never marry and the can change into wild animals. Well, each person can change into just their animal. The only way to break this pact is by finding 4 pieces of a Madonna and joining them. There is one part of the family that doesn't like the Varinskis ways so he moves away to the US. He gets married *gasp* and has 3 sons and a daughter *gasp*

Scent of Darkness is the first book. It follows Jasha - he can turn into a wolf. His secretary really has the hots for him and decides to surprise him while he is away at one of his houses. Unfortunately they meet at the house when he is in Wolf form and she is scared away. She runs through the forest, he finds her. They are eventually hunted by the Varinski and must run away. Jasha helps Ann while they are running in the wilderness. The first icon is found in this story.

Touch of Darkness follows the son Rurik. He works on ruins. The photographer in the story who captures whats in the ruins is Tasya. They have had a relationship previous to the story beginning. They too get hunted by those horrible Varinskis and had to run away. Surprise - the second icon is found in this story.

Into the Shadow is Adrik's and Karen's story. Karen is a site manager over a hotel that is being built in the worst of places. Strange things happen - one being her phantom lover that comes to her each night. Eventually there is a disaster and Adrik (phantom lover) saves her. He captures her and doesn't want to let her go. Eventually due to some circumstances, he does let her go and she hopes to never see him again. Of course that's not true, and again the Varinski's pose a threat. Karen also finds the third icon.

Next up is Into the Flame - which tells the sister - Firebird's story.

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