Monday, January 31, 2011

The Highlander's Touch

Title: The Highlander's Touch
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: Highlander (Book 3)
Genre: Historical Romance

Lisa Stone has a hard life. When she was fresh out of high school a car crash killed her father and crippled her mother. Since then, her mother has also been diagnosed with cancer and has gone steadily downhill. It appears that she may die any day. Lisa has had to support herself and her mother, works two jobs and worries about everything.

One evening, while working her second job at a museum, Lisa touches an artifact (a flask) which has been cursed and is sent back in time to Scottland where she meets, Circenn Brodie.

Circenn, Cin by his friends, is an immortal Scottish war lord. He was tricked years ago into drinking a potion by Adam Black, which made him immortal. He has lived some 500 years since then and to keep from going mad has given himself certain rules. Some of the rules include: No lying, no women, keep every oath you make and many others.

When Lisa appears in his bedchamber, Cin seems to be drawn to break more and more of his rules. Although he wants to make a life with Lisa and keep her safe in his time, she is torn with wanting to go home to make sure that her mother is not lonely when she dies. Of course, the Fairies meddle with everything.

This was a phenomenal read, one of my favorites so far this year. The two characters had a wonderful pull and I think it was about time we saw a realistic time traveling heroine. It seems like not too many of them want to get back to their normal time and seem accept that they are stuck in the past quite easily. Lisa is not one of those. She tries everything in her power to make it back to her mother and when it becomes apparent that she cannot, she has a little break down.

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