Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

Title: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Series: Highland Pleasures (Book 2)
Genre: Historical Romance

Lady Isabella left her husband Mac Mackenzie three and a half years ago because it just wasn't working for her. They are legally separated, with Mac supporting Isabella and the two constantly avoiding each other. This doesn't mean that the two of them are not completely aware of each other.

Isabella discovers that someone is making forgeries (paintings Mac has never done, signed in his name) of Mac's art. She brings this to his attention, she just can't stand it. Mac doesn't seem much harm in it, he's going through a dry spell anyway. That is until the suspect burns down Mac's house and harms Isabella. This man wants to essentially steal Mac's identity.

I felt like this book touched on several issues that are modern, but in a historical way. I'm not a big history buff, so I'm not sure that they could be considered historical still, but it appeared legit.

I loved the idea of the two main characters already knowing each other so well and being married, but having to learn how to make their marriage work. Most romance novels seem to just focus on the getting together part and then they live happily ever after, even when you encounter them in a later novel (if a series). I have never read another romance novel that focuses on making the whirlwind romantic marriage actually work. Props to Jennifer Ashley for approaching it in such an interesting manner.

Secondly, the idea of stolen identity. Although perhaps not the same as today with social security numbers and credit card information over the internet, but a modern idea none the less.

The series seems to be revolving around the Mackenzie brothers, so I'm guessing there will be 2 more in the series, Cam and Hart. I look forward to them, because if anything this series has shown to be quite out of the box.

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