Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Echo in the Bone

Title: An Echo in the Bone
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Series: Outlander (Book 7)
Genre: Historical Romance/Time Travel

Jamie and Claire continue to try and walk the line through a very dangerous America. The duo (and sometimes Ian) bounce all over America and try to navigate battles to the best of Claire's knowledge. They decide at one point to go back to Scotland and return "Young" Ian to his family. Unfortunately, that homecoming is not as sweet as it should have been. When all is said and done they are again in America at the end of Echo.

Brianna and Roger are having an interesting time adjusting to the times. They buy Lallybroch in present day and there is something lurking about that is terrifying Mandy. Jem gets in trouble for yelling at his teacher in Galic, and Roger finds a new calling.

A fair amount of the story also follows William, Jamie's son. I wasn't impressed with most of his passages because they told mostly of the war. One thing I've mentioned before, is that I dislike the books that are centered more on the war and happenings then the relationships. I understand that they are an essential part to the stories, but sometimes I wish there was a little less battle description.

I felt like the last 100 pages or so were just amazing. Fast paced and full of action. I cried again this book, and hate when a beloved character is killed off in a less than peaceful way.

I think that this book seems like the climax of their stories. So much happened and so many things are left open. I never felt like any of the other books were too much of cliffhangers, but this book is definitely a cliff hanger.

Time to wait for book 8.

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