Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lady of Persuasion

Title: A Lady of Persuasion
Author: Tessa Dare
Series: Dare Trilogy 1 (Book 3)
Genre: Historical Romance

Isabel (Bel) is Gray's younger sister. He has brought her to London for a season and to find a suitable husband. He has given her a very large dowry so that she can choose anyone she wishes. Bel wishes to marry to gain a foot in the political world. She wants to have an influence to help those less fortunate then herself.

Toby, Sophia's jilted betrothed, thinks Bel is just the most beautiful woman at the ball. He goes over to meet her and when he learns that she is Gray's sister, he must have her. He is slightly angry that Gray took Sophia "away" and wants to essentially take his sister. He offers for her hand in marriage the night that they meet. Surprisingly, Bel accepts.

I really felt like this was the weakest of the three books in the trilogy. I started out with such high hopes after reading Goddess of the Hunt, which just seemed to fall at every book. There were times when I just didn't like Bel. I understand that she was standing up for what she believes in, but sometimes I just thought she was being unreasonable.

I also felt that their story was a little monotone. There wasn't really any conflict, except briefly at the end and I didn't even believe that.

I did finally see where the books came together. Toby was the man that Lucy wanted to seduce in the first book before she accidentally ended up with Jeremy. Lucy is prevalent in this book along with Sophia and Gray. A very disappointing ending to a fabulous beginning.

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