Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Divine By Mistake

Title: Divine By Mistake
Author: P.C. Cast
Series: Divine (Book 1)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Shannon Parker, a high school English teacher with incredible wit is on her way to an antique auction. She is drawn to an urn and upon closer inspection realizes that the woman on the urn looks exactly like her - simple things like the same hair, and more complex like the same scar on her hand. Shannon buys the vase and starts to take it home.

While driving the vase essentially sucks her into a mirror world, switching her with her mirror. Shannon now finds herself to be the High Priestess of Epona, Rhiannon.

Apparently Rhiannon is unlike Shannon in many ways. Rhiannon is a selfish *ahem* witch who doesn't value anyone. She is spoiled and mistreats everyone. Shannon is nothing like that and constantly surprises everyone with how nice Rhiannon is starting be be.

Immediately Shannon (Rhea, as she is called) is hand-fasted to Centaur ClanFintan, who Rhiannon loathed, but Shannon loves. The two fight a mighty battle that is being warred against their people.

I LOVED this book. It was exquisite. I knew in the first page when Shannon says, "Only the slightly insane would choose a career teaching teenagers." that it was going to be great. I saw so much of myself in Shannon and perhaps that is what helped it take that extra step.

The relationship between Shannon/Rhea and ClanFintan is beautiful and I loved how they got to know each other. How Shannon had to get over the fact that ClanFintan is half horse and unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. Like being a nervous virgin, to some extent, all over again.

Shannon's relationships with her servants, who she insists on calling "friends" and treating way better then Rhiannon ever did, and those around her is touching. She is able to take the world she is thrust into and make it her own.

Simply Amazing.

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