Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dragon Kiss

Title: Dragon Kiss
Author: E.D. Baker
Series: The Tales of the Frog Princess (Book 7)
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

In Dragon Princess Millie met Audun, an Ice Dragon. After she rescued him and went with her family back to Greater Greenwald, Audun cannot stop thinking about her. He knows that to truly be happy together, he needs to also know how to turn into a human, so he goes and sees the Ice Dragon King.

The Ice Dragon King sends him on several dangerous missions so Audun can prove himself before he is taught how to turn into a human. Eventually he learns how and returns to Millie, who is also in love with him. The two help Millie's family in a battle for their kingdom.

Books for younger children are often repetitive. From the highly repetitive books for the youngest of babies to apparently this book. Each mission was similar and he was given a different object to take with him on each mission. I suppose the book was merely okay.

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