Thursday, October 16, 2008

Psy-Changeling Series

Wow - I have been doing some reading (of course) and just finished a series that is currently 5 books long - the Psy/Changling series by Nalini Singh.

Jumping back into paranormal romance - these books are about mainly 2 groups of people in the future - Psy, who have been conditioned by Silence to not have any emotions, they make for an interesting race and Changlings, who are able to shift into an animal form and live in Packs. There are also regular humans in these books, but they aren't predominentally featured (except for one particular human) The Psy do not interact with either of the other races too much, although Changelings and humans are known to on a more common basis.

Aside from the obvious romance aspect of these books, there is also a struggle between the two races (three) that continues throughout the series. Thy Psy are starting to break Silence (It's a BIG deal) and the Changeli
ngs who are trying to bring down the Council (the group of Psy who rule the Psy network - have I mentioned they have mental powers and are all connected on a psycic plane?)

Sounds like a lot to take in, but it was easy to accept and even easier to follow. I adore the pet names that were used throughout the entire series.

We meet Lucas, the Alpha of the leopard pack DarkRiver. He is working on a housing project for Changelings in collaboration with the Psy (This is NOT common) when he meets Sascha who is a Psy who thinks she is broken. She feels emotion and the only solution to that is rehabilitation which leaves the Psy basically a vegetable. Insert a serial killer into the mix and it makes an interesting read.

Enter Vaughn - a sentinel of DarkRiver who is part of the close knit group that watches over the alpha (Lucas) and his mate. He meets Faith - a Psy who is known for her ability to see and tell the future. She is plagued by dreams of death (not common for Psy, they predict monetary futures) and there is only one person who can help her through them - you guessed it Vaughn!

Time to mix it up this time around. Instead of a male Changeling, we meet Judd - a male Psy who is about as deadly as they come. He has some pretty amazing powers. That means the female is a Changeling - Brenna who is part of DarkRivers blood alliance Snowdancer (Wolf Changelings) who has been abducted by one of those pesky sociopaths we learned about in Book 1 and were plagued by in Book 2. She has some things she needs to work through.

This one I managed to read in one sitting (I think it had to do with the fact that I was on vacation)

Mixing it up again - we have Clay who is a half changeling, half human member of Darkriver. He didn't grow up within the pact but was raised by his human single mother and eventually through social services. When
he was in foster homes he had a best friend - Talin (Tally) who he believed died when he was 8.

Surprise! She's not, and she (pretty much just a human) shows up for his help with missing charges (she now helps kids in the system).

I really enjoyed this installment of the series - it made me cry.

This time we follow Dorian (whos another member of Darkriver that we've seen before this). He is "broken." He is a leopard changeling without the ablitiy to change. He can feel the leopard inside of him and has many of it's traits, but is unable to make the change.

We meet Ashaya, she is a Psy who has the ablitiy to see DNA (call my geek side happy!) and is working for the Council on creating an implant for brains that will create a hive mind. But she is transported into the middle of Darkriver territory and the leopards don't react kindly to intruders on their land.

Haven't read this one yet - it was just released this past week. It is a book with 4 stories in it, each by a different author. Nalini Singh makes her contribution and it is a Psy-Changeling book, Stroke of Enticment. Not entirely sure where it falls in the series yet - I think maybe as a Book 4.5

The story is about Zach (Darkriver Changeling) and Annie (Human). I think I recall reading
something about them in Book 5, which leads me to believe it comes before that. From what I understand, it is also an easy read as a stand alone book. Needless to say, I'm waiting for the book to make it's way to the local library (it seems pricey at $15.00 for a paperback when I really want that one short story in particular)

Haven't read this one yet either - it appears simliar to The Magical Christmas Cat as in it is a book full of short stories by different authors. Beat of Temptations being Nalini Singh's contribution.

I'm excited to read this one - it revolves around Nate and Tammy - two changelings who are a big part of each of the other regular installations of the series. They are some of my favorite characters and I would love to get a better look at their coming together. I would consider it a prequel to the other stories.

Branded by Fire
isn't released until July 2009 (right around my birthday - yay!) It is the story of another female changeling from Darkriver who is also a sentinel, Mercy. She is best friends with Dorian and upset that she is the last powerful sentinel left that hasn't mated.

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