Saturday, October 18, 2008

House of Night Series

Continuing in Vampire (or Vampyre in this case) land - I found the House of Night novels by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast in the Young Adult section. I do enjoy a good young adult book - they are just as good reads as adult fiction (and sometimes better!)

I've finished the first three books:

These are about a world (about current time) where Vampyres not only exist, but are known by humans to exist and although are treat a little biased against - are more or less part of society and not some scary kill you suck your blood type ideal.

These stories follow Zoey Redbird as she is marked (chosen by Nyx the goddess to become a vampyre) and then goes to the House of Night (Basically Vampyre high school - where they learn to become a vampyre) She quickly makes a group of friends and they find together that they have a special affinity for the elements are are able to use them to help themselves and "talk" to the goddess.

Zoey has to deal with boy issues (of which I had a hard time in book 3 - she made some VERY poor choices and at one point I wanted to chuck the book across the room), as well as friend issues and teacher issues. Yep - sounds like young adult literature. But the story is intriguing and I enjoy the thoughts that there is another world the explore.

Interestingly enough there is what is called "People of Faith" and they are the religious fanatics. I don't know if it is the way I am reading them but I enjoy that it comes across to me that they are a bit of a crazy cult (because sometimes I feel that way about religon...sorry)

I am anxiously awaiting book 4:

I feel that it seems that I find series and start to read them when new books come out in that series (which is how I hear about them) I find that it seems that when I read all of the books that are already out there appears to be no cliffhangers - but when I get to the last book that is out (or their is a long list at the library for the next) That is when there is a real cliffhanger.

I think that Chosen had an interesting ending and I am looking forward to getting Untamed from the Library.

On a side note - I think that the website for this series is really great. There are pictures of the characters and you can see their marks (I was extra excited to see Zoey's) as well as being able to see the symbols for the different formers. I thought it was helpful to my mind's eye.

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