Monday, August 1, 2011

My Heart Stood Still

Title: My Heart Stood Still
Author: Lynn Kurland
Series: MacLeod (Book 7)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Ghosts, Time Travel

Iolanthe MacLeod is murdered by the man her family sold her to when she's a young woman. She haunts the keep where she died for the next 600 years, living a fairly unremarkable existence. Until He comes.

Thomas McKinnon has bought a castle unseen. His sister Megan (The Three Wise Ghosts) owns the little inn just by it. Thomas has decided to come and restore his castle. Then he meets Iolanthe.

The two start to have a meaningful relationship and eventually fall in love. How unfortunate the Iolanthe is a ghost. Thomas learns the secret of the time traveling gates and visits Jamie to learn swordplay and how to swear in Gaelic. He goes back in time to save Iolanthe, and when he does he brings her back to the future. The only problem is, since she never spent her time as a ghost, she doesn't remember him.

Although this story started out a little slow, I felt as if it's one of my favorites in the series. It's such an unique storyline. I love that not only did Iolanthe come to the future and have to learn her way there, but that we got to watch Thomas and her struggle to have the relationship that once existed before.

I am really starting to see more of the connections between the two books. Characters that show up again and again. Only one more left in the MacLeod series.

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