Saturday, January 23, 2010


Title: Tempted
Author: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Series: House of Night (Book 6)
Genre: Young Adult

Finally! We meet up again with Zoey and friends after they have battled Kalona and sent him and Neferet away from the Abby. They need to start picking things up and putting their lives back together now that the two are gone.

Steve Rae happens to find a barely alive Raven Mocker, and for some unknown reason (even to her) she decides to secretly save him. She sees humanity in him, even though he is Kalona's favorite son and the first of the Raven Mockers to exist. She also finally shares her secret about the bad red fledglings with Zoey.

Zoey has more boy drama, but it seems to be getting better. She makes some decisions that make her life in the boy area a bit better.

Kalona and Neferet are not gone for good, they have only run away. Their influence still is at the House of Night. Near the end of the book Zoey and her circle decide to go to Venice, where Kalona and Neferet are, as well as the Vampyre High Council. They need to convince them that Kalona and Neferet are evil and not Nyx and Erebus like they are trying to convince everyone.

I felt that although this book didn't have as much action as the previous books had, it really helped to develop the characters further. There were several events that I didn't see coming and I really feel like the end of the book was one crazy cliff hanger. I can't wait for book 7, Burned, to be released April 27th.

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