Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rules of Surrender

Title: Rules of Surrender
Author: Christina Dodd
Series: The Governess Brides (Book 1)
Genre: Romance

Got Book 1, Rules of Surrender of Christina Dodd's Governess Brides Series. Usually I find that when I read series I love one book of the series and the rest are simple okay. So far I've really loved both of the books in this series that I have read.

Rules of Surrender follows Pamela, another of the ladies who has started the Governess Academy. She is hired, although she doesn't know it initially to teach not only 2 children who have come from some far away desert, but to also acclimate their father back into English society with all of it's rules.

She falls in love with the children and they are excellent learners. It is their Father, Wynter who proves the problem. He only preforms when he wants to (sounds like my niece :)) and otherwise likes people to think he is barbaric and unintelligent. He purposefully puts the two of them in a compromising situation so that they have to marry. He of course plays stupid about the whole thing.

Wynter has some crazy ideas about marriage and love. Women should love men as they are the sun who provides for them and lights up their life, where real men do not love. This of course doesn't jive with Pamela and the two have to work out their differences.

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