Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spun By Sorcery

Title: Spun By Sorcery
Author: Barbara Bretton
Series: Sugar Maple Series (Book 3)
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary Romance

After Chloe beat Isadora in Book 2, she and Luke are ready for a big, hot breakfast. Only problem is that they seem to have lost Sugar Maple. Their beloved town is no where to be found. The two and Janice start a trek to Salem to see if they can find any information on their missing town.

The idea is that since the Sugar Maple original townies were from Salem, that someone must have stayed behind and there must still be magic in Salem.

The roadtrip to Salem is anything but ordinary or safe. The trio have several near death experiences, which leads them to believe that they are indeed on the right track. When they finally arrive, things seem relatively normal and not very magic like, until everything seems to happen at once.

Luke finds some interesting information on a never aging resident of Salem, Chloe is attacked in an antique shop and Janice finds something a bit off about Penny. They figure out where Sugar Maple went, and start the epic battle to win back the town.

Although it was interesting to learn a bit more about the history of Aerynn and how Sugar Maple came to be, this book was missing the "magic" of Sugar Maple. It was almost a book about a roadtrip gone horribly wrong, without any humor. I can see how it may be an essential part to the series, but now that everyone is back in Sugar Maple, I can't wait for Book 4. Especially after the teaser at the end.

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