Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blaze of Memory

Title: Blaze of Memory
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changling (Book 7)
Genre: Paranormal

Dev, the head of Shrine (The Forgotten), finds a beaten and battered woman, Katya in front of his apartment. She is a Psy who seems to have little connection with the PsyNet - yet she's living with the feedback some how.

It is discovered/assumed that she is a weapon. She has been programmed by Councilman Ming to kill Dev and if she can't to kill herself. Either way it appears she's going to die. We learn that he has tangled her mind into a nasty web full of his influence that she tries to battle. Unfortunately it still ends in her death - or near death.

I had a bit of a harder time getting into this Psy-Changling book because of a shift of focus. Instead of being about one of the Changling packs - this book is about the Forgotton, the Psy who dropped out of the net when Silence was implemented and started their own, ShadowNet.

I still enjoyed the story between Dev and Katya and had some heart breaking moments. I did, however, want to strangle Dev a few times. He kept talking about how Katya couldn't be trusted because she could be infiltrated by Ming, yet he would constantly tell her secrets. I was waiting for that to come to head, but it never really did.

Up next is Bond of Justice in July of this year. Hopefully this time around I don't forget about the series.

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