Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kiss Me, Annabel

Title: Kiss Me, Annabel
Author: Eloisa James
Series: Essex Sisters (Book 2)
Genre: Historical Romance

Annabel, second of the Essex sisters, knows exactly what she wants in a man and a marriage. She wants to wear silk every day and plans to treat marriage as a business proposition, expecting to eventually have discrete affairs. She is beautiful and has her pick of the ton. She seems drawn to a Scottish Earl, Ewan and even shares a kiss. However, rumor has it that Ewan is poor and Annabel vows never to be poor again.

Imogen (sister 3), is by now Widowed and is trying to cause havoc. She propositions Ewan and he tries to politely scare her away when she refuses to marry him. This leads to Annabel being compromised and having to marry Ewan and move to Scotland with him.

The trip to Scotland was probably my favorite part of the story. The two get to know each other and the little games they play kept me amused. I was glad to see that they got into a fight one point, because otherwise Ewan wasn't seeming very realistic.

As I was reading this, I just kept thinking how much I was enjoying the storyline, although I must admit, when I was finished I thought - That's it?

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