Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Mists of Time

Title: The Mists of Time
Author: Susan Squires
Series: Da Vinci Time Travel Series (Book 3)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Time Travel

Diana Dearborn is a romance novel writer who is currently struggling with her latest novel. Although she's published, she's never experienced great fame from her books, perhaps because she's writing about something she doesn't know about.

Diana was found as a child in Chicago with no memory of anything but her name, and speaking only a language that no one could identify or decipher. She is adopted by a loving set of parents, and unfortunately has recently lost them both. She doesn't think she's very pretty and that she may have a stalker.

Diana is given the book from Lucy in the end of the previous book. She decides to check out the time machine and takes a trip back to Camelot. Much like Lucy, she encounters a man who is hurt and brings him back to her time to get him stitched up. She lets him stay at her home for a few nights and introduces him to modern times.

Gawain is Diana's suspected stalker, only he isn't. Gawain was sent back in time by Merlin to protect Diana. She has accidentally brought back a villain who is going to try and take over the 21st century. Gawain has to keep her safe and help her to defeat the villain.

This story was "believable." I enjoyed the fact that the man that Diana brought back didn't just happen to be her true love. She brought back the villain and everything starts to go wrong. Even after they send him back to his own time they find they have messed with the past and it shows in the future.

Where the other two books in the series don't really encounter any change in the future due to meddling in the past, this one does. That to me made it seem more "real."

Diana getting her memory back and learning about her past was at times very touching and made me cry. Gawain is such a devoted knight to her and it's incredibly romantic, even if he does beat himself up about things constantly. This may have been my favorite in the series.

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