Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Van Alen Legacy

Title: The Van Alen Legacy
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Series: Blue Blood (Book 4)
Genre: Young Adult

Schuyler and Oliver are running from the NY Blue Bloods. They think that Schuyler killed her grandfather and are afraid of what might happen if they are caught.

Mimi is traipsing around the world with Kingsly, looking for the Watcher who can inform them on what is going on.

Jack is a Venator as well and looking for Schuyler.

Bliss is battling the demon that is inside of her and trying to gain some part of her life back.

I usually enjoy the Blue Blood series, but had a hard time getting into this one. I think that it's been too long since I last read one. There are always so many spoilers that it's hard to write a review on these books. You are always kept guessing and wondering.

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