Monday, May 11, 2009

Pendragon Before the War: Book 3 of the Travelers

Title: Pendragon Before the War
Author: D. J. MacHale
Series: Pendragon Mini Series (Book 3)
Genre: Young Adult

Finished the last before the war book the day before the 10th and final book comes out. Hurray! This book went the fastest of the three. It contains the stories of Siry, Loor and Patrick.

Loor, the traveler from Zadaa, is a warrior entrusted with the task of returning a sacred ax that has been stolen. She has to trek over a desert for days and is challenged both physically and mentally. Of course it is all to prepare her for something bigger...

Siry, the traveler from Rayne, thinks that there is something more out in the world then what the adults are telling him. He is very curious and when a Flighter is captured and held captive in his village, he wants to learn from her and teach her in return. Unfortuately she has other ideas.

Patrick, the traveler from third earth, is a librarian and teacher. He is entrusted with the information that a book has been stolen. In Patrick's time all books are hidden away in the depths of the underground library and are kept at perfect levels so they don't disinigrate. All books have had digital copies made of them, so no one really needs to look at the physical book. Because someone has stolen a few, and presumably burned them, Patrick sets out on a mission to find the culprit.

Something that I did enjoy is that we saw more of Saint Dane in the stories. Sometimes I didn't notice it was him until later. They would mention his blue eyes, and I wouldn't think much of it until later in the story. I am now good and excited for the book coming out tomorrow :)

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