Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

Title: The Many Sins of Lord Cameron
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Series: Highland Pleasures (Book 3)
Genre: Historical Romance

Lord Cameron, a Mackenzie, never wants to get married again. His late wife, Elizabeth, was abusive towards him and his son. He's never really emotionally healed from that and now sleeps with married women of the ton.

Ainsley Douglas, the queen's confidant, has been sent on an errand to retrieve some stolen love letters of the queen. She is caught by Cameron rooting around in his bedroom looking for the letters.

It seems at first that Cameron wants to make Ainsley his mistress and she hems and haws about it, not wanting to embarrass her family. Although she knows that she loves him and would like to be pampered and taken care of. She finally puts her worry for her family aside and agrees to go away with him. He surprises her, instead, by taking her to get married. But the happily ever after doesn't happen then. Ainsley has to help him to work through his emotional scars left by his wife.

Again, Jennifer Ashley put something a little different into her story. The MacKenzie family is a strange breed and I feel like each sibling's story has something not 100% traditional about it. How often do you get an abused man in a romance novel? She also wins for longest book names.

I fell for Cameron right away, although was irritated by Ainsley's name. I had a hard time remembering she was the main female character, because I find Ainsley to be a boy's name. I kept thinking - who is this guy?

Overall, I felt there could have been a little more conflict to the story - they came together too easily. But otherwise it was another original read.

The Duke's Perfect Wife (Hart's Story) is up next, due out April 2012

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