Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Dance With A Duke

Title: One Dance With A Duke
Author: Tessa Dare
Series: Stud Club (Book 1)
Genre: Historical Romance

Amelia is a 26 year old spinster. She goes to the balls, but doesn't really expect anything to come of it. She is a wallflower of sorts although loves her siblings dearly.

The Duke of Midnight shows up every night at the balls and dances one set with one lady. Then he leaves. For some reason on this night Amelia walks in his path and accepts a dance from him that he hadn't offered.

This leads to an interesting position. The Duke, Spencer, gets sick when around crowds and has to run outside to feel better. Amelia goes with him and sees that he's not well. Shortly after they learn that a mutual friend of theirs has been murdered, and they leave to inform his sister.

After the two have been out all night together and for some other reason unknown to the Duke at the time, he proposes marriage to Amelia and she accepts. It looks like it will be a good marriage, except that the Duke is obsessed with the Stud Club.

The Stud Club members are "owners" of an ancient racehorse. There are 10 tokens and to be a member of the club you must obtain your token through a game of chance. Spencer owns 7 of them - Leo (the friend who died) had one as well as 2 other gentlemen. Spencer wants to own them all and own the horse, because he doesn't like to share.

This leads for many misunderstandings and hurt feelings in their marriage.

Another spectacular read by Tessa Dare, I bought this one hoping that it'd be as good as Goddess of the Hunt, and I wasn't disappointed. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the series goes.

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