Monday, September 7, 2009

The Night Tourist

Title: The Night Tourist
Author: Katherine Marsh
Series: Has a Sequel: The Twilight Prisoner
Genre: Young Adult

Jack Perdu is a brainy kid. He speaks several different dead languages and translates them for professors at a college. Then one day he gets hit by a car. He realizes he can now see ghosts.

His father knows something is up and sends him to a doctor in NYC. On the way home Jack stops in Grand Central to look around before boarding his train and he meets Euri. She promises to show him all of the secrets found below Grand Central. He's intrigued and follows only to be admitted to the underworld and learn that Euri is dead.

He then spends the next 3 nights searching for his dead mother and enjoying the city in the way only a ghost at night can.

I picked this up simply because it had a picture of the Angel of the Waters/Betheseda Fountain on the cover and it's my favorite fountain in Central Park. I wasn't disappointed though, I loved being able to experience the city from their perspective. The story line was simple, but the book was never boring.

The Night Tourist is set to be a movie, and according to IMDB, released next year.

Next up - the sequel The Twilight Prisoner. The cover being the Chrysler Building.

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